5 Tips to Eat Healthier!

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Hello Everyone! today I want to share with you 5 tips to eat healthier.

1- Always read labels in your food.

Today processed food is full of rubbish, so you need to look out for: sugar, sodium, and any chemicals you cannot pronounce. If you find things that sound weird, that you don’t know what they are, you don’t want to eat those foods. Why should you put chemicals in your body at all? Always go for something natural, something that you can pick from a tree. These processed foods are empty calories that are not going to nourish you and will not satisfy you.

2-The rainmbow dish.

Always try to put as many colours as you can in your plate. The more colours that you have, the more nutrition you have in your plate. For example: red for tomatoes, yellow for peppers, orange in carrots, and purple in cabbage. Include as many variety as you can and your plate will be very nutritional. Not only that, you will be fully satisfied with plenty of variations and flavours.

3-Try to start your day with a detoxifying drink

This is one of my favourites tips, and I personally do it everyday. Drink a luke Integrative Nutrition® Platewarm glass of water with half lemon juice. This is going to help your digestive system and prepare your enzymes for the day. It also helps your liver, which is why it is so good to have it first thing in the morning.

4- Try to not drink anything while you are eating.

The reason for this is because water has a neutral PH but when you are eating your stomach is acid. When you eat, all food needs to be processed and therefore an acid environment is needed. When you drink water you confuse your body as water is alkaline. Leave the water for the beginning or some time after your food.

5-Always carry a healthy snack in your bag

It is very hard to find healthy food around, y ou are must likely to find sugar loaded food every where, so in case you need a snack is better to be prepaired. When I go out I always put in my bag an apple and a little bag of almonds. Thais is a super nutritional snack for you and is going to keep you energized. You can also have pop corns or khale chips.

That’s all for today. I hope you can apply these tips in your daily life.

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I’ll see you soon!



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