Why can’t I lose weight?

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I want to tell you the main reasons why people don’t lose weight even though they don’t eat that much.  I used to be in the same boat! Now I eat very well and I maintain a healthy weight.

  1.  Skipping breakfast

You may think that you are saving calories, but it is a really bad habit. It equates to starting your car without petrol, so your car has to be in reserve constantly. This slows down your metabolism, and also the moment you fuel up you are going to need more food! Imagine you go to the petrol station with an empty tank! What happens is you end up eating a lot more.

I used to believe that I wasn’t a breakfast person! But it was because I would end up eating a lot more for dinner so I used to wake up full. The issue with this is that the calories that you eat at night, are calories are that you will store around your waist.

2.   Drinking orange juice or any juice with your meals.

If you don’t know already a glass of orange juice has as much sugar as a coke. Think about it this way:  a glass of juice it is the equivalent of eating about 8  oranges. Would you actually eat as many oranges in one go? No, this is the issue with juice. Also you are missing all the fibre that fruits have. A glass of orange juice adds a lot of calories to your meal.


3.  Not eating enough.

That is right you are probably not giving your body enough food to burn so your metabolism becomes slow, it thinks:  “There is not enough food around…I need to store it” so instead of burning fat, it is storing it!

4. Not sleeping enough

Leptin, your satiety hormone, is significantly reduced when you are sleep deprived. Since leptin plays an important role in appetite control and metabolism, having low levels of this hormone results in hunger not being naturally suppressed. Therefore, your appetite and cravings increase. Try to sleep around 7 to 8 hours per night.

5. You are Eating low fat food.

Every product that is low fat has more sugar in some form. Must of the products that are low fat have a lot of artificial sugar to compensate the loss of flavor.

Fat doesn’t make you fat, it makes you full, it satiates you. It is very important to have healthy fats as part of your diet. Some include, extra virgin olive oil, avocados, nuts, coconut oil.

I am Nutrition Coach and I have helped a lot of people that wanted to have healthier eating habits. If you would like to have Free Nutrition Consultation please click here to book your appointment.

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