About SatrajI was born and raised in Colombia, South America. I developed at an early age and therefore I attracted a lot of the wrong attention towards my body. I was very conscious about my body, and I started dieting when I was about 12. In my house, there was a lot of: “don’t eat any more as no-one loves fat people”. So I grew up to believe that too, and at times when I felt fat I stopped loving myself.

As I grew up the problem only developed further, I would continuously go on a cycle of binge eating and then starving myself. My main goal was to be thin….For years I suffered from BED (Binge Eating Disorder). At the time I didn’t know of this eating disorder, and as I didn’t have bulimia or anorexia I just thought there was something seriously wrong with me.

My mother and sister suspected something was not right, I tried to explain: “I have an eating monster inside me, it comes out and takes over me, I cannot stop it or do anything about it, I have to eat everything”. Speaking about it helped, but as we were not aware of the disorder we did not look for help.

Little did I know that eating is an expression of who we are, and of how are we feeling…..what we eat changes everything, we are made of food. Food allows to grow, what we eat becomes our blood and our cells, therefore food affects our mood, mind, and entire body.

At the age of 27 I thought enough is enough, and although I apparently “had everything”: a good family, job, money, friends, a home and I had love too…….nevertheless I always felt empty, I always questioned my life, I suffered from depression and constant mood swings; I was either super high or very low. I was still yo-yo dieting; I was either putting on weight or I was loosing weight, never found the right balance.

I decided it was time for a change and chase happiness, I decided to follow my heart and intuition and against the odds, I quit my well paid job and went travelling around Asia…..

In India my personal and spiritual transformation began. I spent a lot of time with myself at Amma’s ashram, there I did a lot of spiritual practice, yoga and selfless-service. My daily routine included guided meditations, silence time for reflection, satsangs with the Guru, working in the kitchen (seva), yoga and time in nature. In the ashram I found so many soul foods; so much light that nourished my soul.

In India I also got certified as a yoga instructor and finally I found myself again: I reconnected with my passions, my inner child, and my purpose in life.

During this amazing time of my life I also met my soulmate and husband. Today I am not only a Holistic Health Coach, business woman, entrepreneur, but also a wife, and a mother of two beautiful and healthy vegetarian kids.

In India unintentionally I detoxed from everything….media, society, sugar, alcohol, junk food, cigarets, unhealthy relationships, routine….

I embarked in a beautiful journey and understood that: if I am truly HAPPY I feel FULL.

I filled myself with so much LOVE, PEACE and LIGHT. Finally the emptiness disappeared, I fed my soul, I fed my body the right foods for me, and I loved myself unconditionally everyday. Today I still keep up with this formula: feed my soul + feed my body real foods + loving myself.

Today I know that we are all work in progress, that we all need to find what makes our heart spark, live life with passion and spend our time doing what we LOVE.


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