Hello! How are you? As a mom I know how difficult it can be to feed children healthy and balanced (vegetables, fruits, and proteins …) that they find tasty…

All children complain about the food at some point, and of course, mine too.

In this section I want to share with you very healthy recipes that are full of all the nutrients needed for proper development. Please note that my children are vegetarians, but you can replace the tofu or vegetable proteins for animal proteins in these recipes.


“Beans with corn”

“Toast with avocado and watermelon”

“Mezze for kids”

“Zucchini spaguetti”

“Carrot energy balls”

“Baked vegeteables fries”

“Hot chocolate”




If you have issues with feeding your children a healthy diet, contact with me at Satraj@healingfoods.org.uk. My daughter is very particular and picky when eating, but with a little creativity eventually you can make them eat everything.