Why diets don’t work?

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diets do not work

I don’t believe in diets. I have personally tried all diets under the sun and they all worked, but the moment I stopped the diet the weight came back on, and sometimes even more! Does that mean that I have to live on a diet to maintain my weight? That would be horrible and boring for me. I don’t believe that we can live on a diet, or constantly dieting.

The problem with diets is that they assume that we are all equal, but we are all unique; we have different tastes, different ancestors, and different genes. In reality one person’s food can be another’s poison. Some people thrive on carbs and some people cannot digest wheat. Therefore, there isn’t a diet that is good for everyone. The best thing you could do that you can do is understand your body, listen to our body’s needs and cravings so that we can nourish ourselves.

We are made to enjoy food, our body needs food to develop, to grow, to sustain it self. Food is so important for our bodies, and so it is natural for our body to love food. Food changes everything! Food changes our body, mind, mood, health and even behaviour. What we eat has a direct impact on our health, happiness and even finances.

When we have a craving it means our body is trying to tell us something; you may need water, you may need more energy, you may need comfort, or you may be lacking a vitamin. For example, if you are low in magnesium you may crave chocolate which is q

uite high in magnesium! But the real dark chocolate, not milk sugary chocolate. We must connect with our body and understand what it needs. Check the chart below to find out what your craving really means….

Cravings explained

If we don’t satisfy our body those nagging cravings will continue and persevere until they win and we eat that cake, or chocolate, and since we didn’t listen to our body for so long, we have better eat the whole cake because who knows when are we going to have it again!

Diets are so restrictive, and therefore difficult to sustain long term. The more you restrict yourself the more that you are prone to overeat when you lose your willpower. When you deprive yourself of specific food groups with the purpose of dieting for long periods of time, it is like your mind and body craves them even more.

There are other very serious consequences of long term dieting like slowing down your metabolism, and low energy levels, apart from the fact that you will always feel that you let yourself down because you couldn’t continue on a diet.

The worst thing in the world is to go to a restaurant and not being able to order what ever we really want from the menu. But instead ordering a salad as you say: “I am being good” or “I am on a diet”. Been there? This was my story for years. Now I go out and order starters, mains and dessert. I believe having a cake with green tea is healthy, I don’t do it everyday but when my body needs sugar, I am happy to oblige. I do try to choose natural sugars and not white refined sugars, or even baking my own banana cake.

The day I stopped dieting and started to eat more intuitively, checking with myself whether I wanted more food? Or whether I had enough? And if I really needed something sweet, or was I just feeling lonely? I started to develop a completely different relationship with food. It changed my eating habits too. There were no more restrictions, not only that, no more forbidden foods. This made such huge difference in my life. I allowed myself to eat and enjoy any food that I decided to eat. No guilt feelings, no regret, but only love and appreciation for all the food that I eat.

So instead of diets that we know you cannot sustain, why not change your relationship with food? Why not understand what is that your body trying to tell you? And discover what foods are nourishing and give you energy?

Everyone thrives on different foods. I am a Holistic Nutrition Coach and I have helped a lot of people to start eating intuitively and change their eating habits to achieve their ideal weight. I invite you to have a Free 45 minutes Nutrition & Wellness consultation to chat about your eating habits.

In the meantime you could start listening to your body, and understanding what your body needs instead of putting yourself again on a diet. If you are still not convinced that diets are nor the way forward to lose weight there is great TED video here:


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